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I believe that every purchase is a prayer, so I invite you to invest with intention.  As you make your selection, place your hand on your heart, and affirm to yourself that you are WORTHY of this investment. Visualize all of the people who will benefit from you choosing to make this investment in yourself.  Feel how their lives will change because you believed in yourself and the work you are here to do. 

If you are selecting the payment plan option, I invite you to take a screenshot of these words so you can repeat them for yourself every month when your payment is due. 

Say it with me:  I AM wise.  I AM smart with my money.  I follow my heart over the hype.  I invest with intention.  My time to shine is now.  Being financially successful is part of my Divine Assignment, and it is important for others to see my success.  Receiving what I want inspires others to know that they can do it too.  It is safe for me to trust the guidance of my heart.  And so it is.